Why am I not Losing weight, after so much effort?


Losing weight is beautiful journey. We are going through many ups and downs while we pursue this process. As they said “No pain- No gain” undertaking this journey we receive pain and pleasure at the same time. When you working out in gym like hell you feel dead pain in your each part of the body bu after sometime when you see yourself in the mirror or onto the weight scale the pleasure you get is mind blowing, you just enjoy a boom.

Sometimes people face weight stuck somewhere. You must have heard from your surrounding, “I am doing cardio, I am eating clean food still my weight loss is stuck.” This is very frustrating indeed.Female-Power-Young-Gym-Weights-Fitness-Lifting-646518Banana-A-Change-In-Lifestyle-Healthy-Diet-1430599

Even on the contrary people started complaining about weight gain instead loss. Double frustration. Poor people following everything their trainer suggested still ended up started gaining weight. Now why this happened? Why you stop losing and started gaining weight is the big question, and to get the right answer first of all you need to understand how weight loss works ?


There are few aspects, the first aspect is, Gym.


As I already mentioned in my one article regarding “Moderate Heart rate Workout”. 10 Golden Tips For Fat Loss 220-your age = is your heart beat per minute on an average. The more you take your heart beat higher you burn the calories. Do the math and get your heart beat”s maximum capacity per minute to do appropriate workout for weight loss.Fitness-Equipment-Gym-Room-Cardiovascular-Exercise-1181816

In the beginning it doesn’t matter, as you are very new to the gym, your body is not conditioning well with workout. Whatever you do your heart rate goes up immediately, so its irrelevant. After 4 to 5 weeks later when your body get conditioned with workout than all these things matter. After this much time spent in gym you could start doing sprint. Sprint means running very fast, usually for a short distance. People who are aware about MMA training (Mixed Martial Arts) they might know about this term, it’s actually nothing but a quick run. You sprint for a while and than walk again sprint and than walk. This is how you balance your heart beats. You are giving pressure to your heart and making it relax.

Weight Training is very crucial and of the greatest importance. Normally people should do lot and lot of weight training to give shake to every muscle in a body.Lifting-Power-Female-Young-Fitness-Gym-Weights-646502

First of all do some weight training workout and than 20 to 25 minutes for this type of cardio exercise. Always weight training comes first before cardio. In weight training you can safely burn calories and avoid getting saggy skin in future. Lot of cardio is not recommended by many experts. You can use initial gym timing and energy in weight training and than cardio this is how you can burn good amount of calories.



Now comes to the very important part which “Diet”. When you doing weight loss trainers often talking about one term that is, ‘Macro Nutrients’. What is Macro Nutrients ? Macro Nutrients is nothing but your carbs intake, fat intake and your protein intake. These three things comes under Macro Nutrients, and this is of great significance. For this first of all you need to understand how much maintenance calories you have to take as per your BMR. Every single person has different calories need according to their height weight and age.

For example if your maintenance calories are 1500 for a day, so need to know where those 1500 calories comes from? It’s combined source from your fat, carbs, sugar and protein. Now what you need to do is you burn at least 500 to 600 calories per day to lose weight.

If you mess-up with your 1500 calories you could gain weight instead losing. How? I am telling you. lets say you take 100 gm protein but you take 200 gm of carbs, here you are maintaining 1500 calories but your carbs intake is higher than protein which result in weight gain. Keep one thing in mind more protein than carbs to lose weight. Otherwise if your carbs intake is much more than protein will give you weight gain while your body look toned due to weight training and muscle growth but weight will increase.


Few more thing is may be you might be in extreme calories deficit mode which is like only 500 to 600 calories per day Or you are in a surplus. You take more calories than required. Your calories has to be calculated.

Eat well, eat clean, recommending calculate calories if possible, to get exact result. Get your BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate), BMR is the amount of energy like any source of usable power expended while you are doing nothing. And working out specially weight training to build more muscle and get rid of unwanted fat. Burn more calories than you consume daily.

Stay healthy and fit !!!




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